Maura Bedloe – Communications

We asked our extremely talented associate Maura Bedloe of Maura Bedloe Communications to answer 10 questions so that you may discover more about the owner of our go-to communications business. To break it down simply, Maura is one of the best writers we’ve come across. Her writing is amazing, from her attention to detail, her creativity and as a bonus has a very witty personality… what more could we want?

You can find our more about Maura on her WebsiteFacebook page or Instagram account.

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  1. Full name: Maura Bedloe
  2. Nickname: My father never called me by my real name (which is ironic, as he chose it), but nicknamed me Maudie. These days most people just call me Maura, except for my daughter, who calls me Mooie (which I love) and one of my dearest friends, who calls me Coco (because I always sign my texts to her with a xoxo, but when I’m rushing, I always hit the ‘c’ instead of the ‘x’, which gives you coco!)
  3. Business: Maura Bedloe Communications is a writing and editing business. I write and edit everything from blogs and web copy to e-newsletters, personal profiles, strategic reports, proposals, product packaging, annual reports and tourism award submissions. I love discovering people’s stories and telling them as well as they can be told.
  4. Elevator pitch: I can tell the story of your business, service, experience or product exactly as you need it told, so that your audience will connect, understand and respond to what you do.
  5. Why do you love your job? I love playing with words. I love reading, writing and polishing language. Everyone has a story to tell, and telling our stories is really important, for a whole range of reasons. I love demystifying, simplifying and making stories and messages clearer for an audience. And one of my favourite things to do is to polish writing so that it’s elegant and easy to understand, but still retains its heart and meaning and has a beautiful flow.
  6. Number 1 piece of writing advice? Always remember who you’re writing for.
  7. In your spare time, what can you be found doing? More writing! I’m working towards finishing my first novel so I do two hours’ work on that every day. I’m also lucky enough to live by the sea, and I try to get to the beach every day for a walk, run or a surf (in summer). I love gardening and cooking, (cake is important to writers). Also, because I spend so much time in my office, alone with my thoughts, I make sure I see friends for coffee at least once a week.
  8. Tea or coffee? I’m a recovering coffee obsessive, so now it’s tea—usually herbal. My latest passion is a lovely rooibos chai blend that has loads of flavour, so it feels like a treat.
  9. Motto/s you live by? Be kind. Always take time to listen. Follow your gut feeling. Look up often. And my mantra – everything is going to be FINE.