Natalie Mendham – Photographer

We asked our very talented associate Natalie Mendham of Natalie Mendham Photography to answer 10 questions so that you may discover more about the owner of our go-to photography business. In a nutshell, Natalie is one of the best photographers we’ve come across, her photography is exceptional, and she is super fun to work with… what more could we ask for?

You can find our more about Natalie on her website, Facebook page or Instagram account.

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  1. Full name:  Natalie Evelyn Mendham
  2. Nickname: Nat, pretty much only my nan calls me Natalie 😉
  3. Business: I just roll with my name, Natalie Mendham, and add ‘Photographer’ sometimes for clarity.
  4. Elevator pitch: I work with Tasmanians (and Big Islanders sometimes) to create authentic, purposeful images for their brands.
  5. Why do you love your job? I get to be there for the most exciting part of my clients’ projects. Just before they are about to launch their idea/project/business out into the world. It’s a privilege to be trusted to produce images that truely represent someone else’s work.
  6. Number 1 piece of photography advice for the novice photographer… Learn how to use that camera in your pocket and use it often. Visual content (photos, video) is an incredibly efficient communication tool in the increasingly noisy, competitive online space. And you have the technology ready to go in your pocket. Think about what you are trying to say with your photo. Make your point easy to understand with a simple and bright image. If you need a long, exhaustive caption to explain the image, your audience probably wont spend time trying to understand it. It’ll get lost in the noise. You don’t have to be the best phone-photographer in the world, but if you can take strong, effective images, then you can represent your business online with confidence.
  7. In your spare time, what can you be found doing? Mostly you’ll find us renovating (at a glacial pace!), but if we escape, we’ll be exploring some part of Tassie with our boys, or kicking back at our block on the east coast.
  8. Favourite place in Tassie? The central plateau, no the east coast… nope, the central plateau… east coast… anywhere wild, where you can be the only person with in kooee.
  9. Tea or coffee? Coffee, definitely (I have twin 6 year old boys…).
  10. Motto/s you live by?   “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” – Wayne Gretzky (Former Canadian NHL Ice Hockey Player.)  It applies on so many levels.

Photo credit: Simon Pfisher on a photoshoot for Hustle and Scout.