Echelon Marketing’s Service

At Echelon Marketing we assist our clients to develop and implement marketing strategies that will ensure their business is positioned at the top of its industry. We do this by providing two overarching services; marketing plan development and marketing implementation assistance. Please take your time to read further into each of these services below, or alternatively, contact us to hear more about how we can help first hand.

‘Without a plan, you plan to fail’. It’s that simple. To reach the upper echelon in your industry, you need a plan on how to get there. Let Echelon Marketing assist you in developing your business’s marketing plan. Learn how to use traditional mediums creatively and digital mediums (including social media) strategically.

Using our specialist knowledge and experience, we will create a marketing plan that is tailored to the requirements of your business and the needs of your target market.

We offer our marketing planning service both as a once off service for businesses who only require a plan that they will then implement, and as a workshop that leads on to Echelon Marketing assisting with implementation. Read more on our marketing implementation service below.

Once you have a marketing plan, you are going to need to have the drive, capacity and experience to implement the actions required. This is often where marketing plans fall over, as operating a business means you are already busy, so how will you find time to implement these actions also?

Here is our solution:

  • External marketing assistance – working with your designated staff, we manage and implement your marketing from our offices in Hobart and Launceston. Using our industry knowledge, contacts and experience, we assist you in implementing your marketing plan on time and to budget. This engagement could range anywhere from organising your monthly newsletter to managing your entire marketing budget.
  • Internal marketing assistance – working inside your business (a minimum of 1 day a month, maximum 4 days per month) and with your designated staff, we are your business’s marketing manager. Using our industry knowledge, contacts and experience we assist you in implementing your marketing plan on time and to budget.

Take the hassle away, put trust in a professional, and let us manage the marketing for your business. This will ensure your business reaches its potential in the upper echelon of your industry.

Do you have a workshop that requires facilitation? We’ll walk you through workshops tailored to your business on topics such as; marketing, branding and communications.

Are you in need of a guest speaker for your next event? We love the opportunity to express our passion for marketing by providing insightful sessions to your audience. Suggested topics that we enjoy speaking about include, but are of course not limited to:

  • Market to market: A refreshing presentation on how to realise a successful marketing strategy. This session guides you through building a brand and connecting to your target market.
  • Get personal: Discover and understand your personal brand. What makes your personal brand? How can it be designed and developed?
  • Marketing now: An insightful presentation designed to expand your perspective on new and alternative marketing mediums in the business world of today.
  • Planning to market your small business: A practical session covering  7 steps on how to plan to market your small business.